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Monthly Archives: January 2011

What You Should Know About a "Brake Job"

One type of phone call we receive frequently is from someone concerned about their brakes and asking how much it will cost for “a brake job”. In most cases, they’re confused because they have already called a few other shops and everywhere they call they hear a different price. This is one example of what can be frustrating about the auto repair industry. Unfortunately, there is no official definition for a “brake job”. This means that every place you call will be giving you a price estimate on a different repair procedure, based on their own definition, performed by different levels of qualified employees, and using different levels of quality parts. Also, keep in mind that without inspecting the brake system of your vehicle first, repair shops have no true way of knowing what will be needed to accomplish the repairs. It would only be a guess, and potentially an incorrect one at that. Here is what you should know: A brake inspection should consist of: 1. A road test to check bra ... read more


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