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Shocks and Struts: Theyre Important!

When is the last time you even thought about your vehicle’s shocks and struts? They are a critical component of every vehicle, but often taken for granted until there is a big problem. We just had a new customer recently that was having problems with their front brakes needing to be replaced more frequently than normal, while their rear brakes stayed in good shape. They came to us hoping we could help them figure out what was going on. We did a thorough brake inspection and determined that they did not need their brakes replaced. So we got their approval to do further investigation and found that the culprit was worn shock absorbers and struts. Your vehicle’s shock absorbers or shock struts are the second most important part of your car, next to the brakes, and when worn, need to be replaced. Shock absorbers and shock struts are what help keep your car stable and allow you to stay in control while driving. As they wear, your vehicle begins to dip, sway, bounce and over-react. This ... read more

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