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Fearless Auto Care: A Guide to What Women Should Know About Their Cars

Fearless Auto Care: A Guide to What Women Should Know About Their Cars

Writing has always been my first love, and ever since I was about 7 years old, I have dreamed of becoming an author. But I never dreamed that I would be writing a book about auto care! In the 10 years I have been working alongside my husband as co-owners of an auto repair shop, I learned more than I ever thought I wanted to know about taking care of cars as well as their owners. I began to realize that the way my husband ran our business, the way he treated customers, the vast amount of knowledge he had acquired and continues to acquire, was not the usual or the norm. I see now how many misperceptions there are about auto repair held by both men and women and how those misperceptions and misinformation are prevalent in the media, the internet and through other less informed people within the industry. I also hear women say how intimidating it can be when trying to bring their cars in for service somewhere, how unsure they are if they are being told the truth about what their car need ... read more


Auto Maintenance

Official Certified Female-Friendly Auto Repair Shop

Being “female-friendly” should really be a given, not something unique and worthy of announcement! But unfortunately for our automotive repair industry, there is a general perception of mistrust and also anxiety among women when it comes to bringing their vehicles in for services. We understand that, and we also see that women are the majority of our customers these days. I like to believe that is true because word has gotten around that we are a place they can trust. So when I learned about AskPatty®, I knew it was a program I wanted us to embrace. is a web site dedicated to providing women with a safe and reliable source for expert automotive advice and research. To become a certified member of their program, our staff had to go through several hours of training to improve their communication skills and learn why sometimes women’s expectations and reactions can be different from those of men. Much of what our guys learned in the training was familiar to them already ... read more

Automotive Repairs: Dont Ignore Unfamiliar Noises From Your Car!

We just recently spoke to a young lady who was concerned about “strange noises” coming from her engine that she had never heard before. She told us that her boyfriend had advised her it was nothing to worry about as long as the car was still running fine. He warned her that bringing it in for someone to look at was going to be expensive and probably not necessary. Fortunately, she was worried enough to give us a call and ask if his advice was correct! Turning up the radio and ignoring the noise is not the best response when cars are making sounds they did not make when they left the factory! So, yes, the least you should do under those circumstances is have a professional take a look and determine what is causing the noise. It’s important for you to know if your car needs immediate attention or if it is something that can be taken care of at a later date. Noises can be the symptom of many different issues going on with your car. If not addressed, the results can be inconvenience ... read more



Will You Pass the Required Smog Test?

Receiving the registration renewal reminder in the mail is even less welcome when it says a smog test is required. It may be inconvenient, but does not have to be a worry if you have been religious about visiting your auto shop for routine maintenance services. By faithfully observing a maintenance program for your vehicle, and if there are no warning lights on (Check Engine or Service Engine Soon), you should pass the smog test the first time. Warning lights result in an automatic failure without any further testing being done, so if those lights are on, please take your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop that can correctly diagnose and fix the cause of the light being displayed. Neglecting vehicle maintenance and then failing the smog test, generally leads to higher repair costs being incurred in order to get the vehicle to pass the second test. Maintenance is always better than repairs! Your registration renewal notice may direct you to a Test Only station. Test Only statio ... read more


Smog Test
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