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Yearly Archives: 2011

How Often Should I Bring My Vehicle in for an Oil Change?

Most people have been conditioned to bring their cars in for an oil and filter change every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. And many automotive service/repair facilities, including dealerships, will stress that it is important to change your oil frequently. This recommendation is actually a carryover from years ago when vehicle engines were not built to today’s exacting standards. Today, the fuel and ignition systems and, in some cases, the engine camshafts, are controlled by sophisticated computer controls that also contribute to a longer life span for engine lubricants. Many of the lubricants themselves are built to a much higher standard than in the past. The engine oil performs 3 jobs: 1. Lubricates the moving parts 2. Carries heat away from the moving parts 3. Carries any debris away from the moving parts to the engine oil filter ... read more


Oil Change

How to Get the Best Gas Mileage from Your Car

I don’t think anyone is too happy about the climbing fuel prices. Especially those of us who are on a tight budget or who have cars that don’t get the best gas mileage — what can we do about it? My daughter, who is away at college, is now thinking twice before driving anywhere, and has even decided to take an airplane home her next visit as it will actually be less expensive (her Izusu Rodeo is not very fuel efficient!). But there are ways we can help our cars achieve the best fuel efficiency possible. Here are some points to remember (and yes, I have shared these with my daughter, too!): 1. Know that the biggest difference between the gas at one station and another, outside of price, is the additive package used by that company. Be aware of what is being added to your gasoline. 2. In particular, look for the amount of ethanol added to the gasoline at your station. The higher the percentage, the lower t ... read more


Gas Mileage


One of our customers recently told us that their daughter just got her driver’s license, and she asked if we agreed that her SUV would be the best of their vehicles for her daughter to drive. We had to disagree! An SUV is not the best vehicle for teen driver safety. It is like a truck! Many believe that if there is an accident, they will be less likely to get hurt. But the truth is that a teen driver is more likely to experience an accident when driving an SUV/truck. The many reasons this is true range from minor incidents occurring because it is harder to judge where the corners of the vehicle are when parking and driving, to more severe incidents due to the higher center of gravity in these vehicles…they are much more likely to roll over during panic situations. In between, there is also the increase in stopping distance required for these vehicles. More distance is needed between an SUV/truck and other vehicles in order for it to ... read more



What You Should Know About a "Brake Job"

One type of phone call we receive frequently is from someone concerned about their brakes and asking how much it will cost for “a brake job”. In most cases, they’re confused because they have already called a few other shops and everywhere they call they hear a different price. This is one example of what can be frustrating about the auto repair industry. Unfortunately, there is no official definition for a “brake job”. This means that every place you call will be giving you a price estimate on a different repair procedure, based on their own definition, performed by different levels of qualified employees, and using different levels of quality parts. Also, keep in mind that without inspecting the brake system of your vehicle first, repair shops have no true way of knowing what will be needed to accomplish the repairs. It would only be a guess, and potentially an incorrect one at that. Here is what you should know: A brake inspection should consist of: 1. A road test to check bra ... read more


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