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Automotive Repairs: Dont Ignore Unfamiliar Noises From Your Car!

We just recently spoke to a young lady who was concerned about “strange noises” coming from her engine that she had never heard before. She told us that her boyfriend had advised her it was nothing to worry about as long as the car was still running fine. He warned her that bringing it in for someone to look at was going to be expensive and probably not necessary. Fortunately, she was worried enough to give us a call and ask if his advice was correct!

Turning up the radio and ignoring the noise is not the best response when cars are making sounds they did not make when they left the factory! So, yes, the least you should do under those circumstances is have a professional take a look and determine what is causing the noise. It’s important for you to know if your car needs immediate attention or if it is something that can be taken care of at a later date.

Noises can be the symptom of many different issues going on with your car. If not addressed, the results can be inconvenience, such as the car stops running while you’re driving or does not start, to having something fail while driving that could lead to loss of steering control or not being able to stop the car.

Different noises indicate different problems. Squeaking, scraping and rubbing noises while the engine is running and/or the vehicle is being driven can be from something as serious as worn out brakes, a failing engine water pump, or failing wheel bearings, to something as simple as a shield that has come loose and is rubbing against a tire. Clunking and knocking noises while driving can be caused by worn out suspension control arm bushings to shock absorbers to broken engine mounts which secure the engine and drive train into the vehicle. These issues, if not fixed, will have a negative effect on your ability to control your car.

Whining, ticking or clicking noises heard while the engine is running and the car not moving or while driving can be caused from a failing driveshaft or drive axle flexible joints. This could also indicate that the engine is low on oil, the power steering low on fluid or possible internal engine wear.

Ultimately, unusual noises left unattended will lead to more expensive repairs down the road, more inconvenience and possibly dangerous situations for you and your passengers. Bring it in as soon as possible to your trusted auto technician and avoid unnecessary heartache!

Donna McCord
Dean’s Automotive, Inc.


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