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Automotive Service: What Do You Expect?

Much to my surprise, I have realized that over the last 8 years I have been a student in the School of Automotive Service/Repair with a major in Customer Service. In 2003, my husband made the decision to purchase Dean’s Automotive and merge it with his then business, Warren McCord Motorsports. I had already been making some contributions to my husband’s business with my marketing skills, and it just seemed natural for me to devote myself full time to the newly formed company. I had no idea of what it would mean for me to become immersed in joining my husband as a business owner, nor did I understand how much there was for me to learn!

I am inspired to begin a series of posts to share some of my experiences and how they have changed me as well as what I have learned that I know will be valuable to you who are reading this. I am guessing that most of you reading this have at least one vehicle you rely on to get you where you want to go, and one thing I have learned is that we, as car owners, have a responsibility to ensure that continues to happen! You, the owner, and we, the service/repair facility, need to work together for the health of our vehicles.

Today, I have a question: when you bring your vehicle in to the shop for an oil change or other routine maintenance service, what are your expectations?

This is what I believe they should be:

1. The Service Advisor will receive you with a smile and an interest in listening to your needs.
2. You will be given a professional and complete written estimate of the work to be performed on your vehicle.
3. You will be told, in detail, what will be done to your car, which should include checking the condition of your fluids, your lights, your tires and your brakes.
4. As part of that explanation, you should be given the option to have your tire pressures checked (California Law now mandates that this be done at all services unless the customer says No)
5. You will be told when to expect the service to be completed.
6. You will be asked if you need a ride to your home or place of business while your car is being serviced (this should be done when you first call to make your appointment).
7. You will be called if the technician discovers anything during the service that requires additional attention; nothing should be done without your permission.
8. When your vehicle is ready, you will be called, picked up if needed, and the Service Advisor will go over the invoice with you in detail, answering any questions, before you sign and pay.
9. You will be thanked for your business!

Does this describe your experience when you go in for a routine service?

Donna McCord
Dean’s Automotive, Inc.


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