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Understand Your Cars Maintenance Services

So, what is a maintenance service anyway? For starters, know there is a difference between “services” and “repairs”. The auto repair industry defines services as work done at specific time intervals to your vehicle to keep it running its best and to avoid potential major work that will cost you big dollars. These routine maintenance services are similar to the wellness checkups or dental cleanings/exams your health care providers schedule for you. If you skip or ignore them, the chances of serious problems developing are greatly increased!

Bottom Line: Sticking to a routine maintenance schedule that is done completely and correctly (those two conditions are key!) will dramatically reduce the frequency and expense of repairs.

In future blogs, I will describe these routine services in more detail. Let me know if there is a particular service you have questions about. *

*See our book, Fearless Auto Care: A Guide to What Women Should Know About Their Car, for information on your vehicle’s routine services.

Keep your car happy with routine health checkups!

Keep your car happy with routine health checkups!


Auto Maintenance
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